IT as a Wonder

Technology is our wonderful, messy playground. We see our job in shielding you from the mess but giving you the wonder!

IT Governance

Continuous focus on finding and implementing IT industry's best practices

Policy development

Policies are at the heart of a well managed IT function - we help to develop and enforce them.

Vendor management

IT vendors are an unruly bunch - they all mean well but most of the time an adult supervision is required.

Planning & Budgeting

This can be boring but it's important nonetheless - we can handle most of it.


Keeps you in control and gives you confidence - getting the right info at the right time in a simple to understand format is the key.


Simplicity, security, compliance and great user experience anywhere people need to work

Private clouds

Built for organizations with the most stringent security and compliance requirements while still enjoying all the cloud benefits.

Public clouds

Take advantage of cost and convenience of public clouds while we handle all the aspects of design, integration and upkeep.

Hybrid clouds

The most common approach nowadays delivering the most flexibility given the state of cloud technologies and regulatory frameworks.

Virtual desktops

Familiar Windows 7 desktop with all your applications accessible from any device anywhere you have Internet connectivity.


Designing and implementing balanced systems - no corners cut and not being penny wise but pound foolish.


A proven methodology fuses your requirements with available technologies to ensure you get a reliable and cost-effective system.

Project Management

Dedicated professional project managers whose job is to keep projects on time and on budget.


An intensely checklist driven process that ensures smooth system installations or upgrades.

Network Administration

An assigned team of engineers delivering current best practices.


This highly automated service component carries the most load when it comes to keeping your downtime to a minimum.

24x7 Monitoring

A watchful eye over your entire network. Monitoring sets are individually designed for your specific system requirements.

Proactive maintenance

Constant updates and cleanup of all managed devices.

Security updates

Microsoft patches, anti-virus management and all other upkeep of your network's defense components.

Backup management

Given data backup importance this is a separate dedicated function designed to ensure data survivability.

Help Desk

Friendly, knowledgeable and fast - this team is very good at personalized customer service.

Remote support

93% of the issues faced by our Help Desk are resolved remotely in under 15 minutes.

Phone support

Users love getting a live person right away and sometimes can be walked on the phone to get their problem resolved quickly.

Onsite support

In a few cases, when there's a hardware problem that can't be fixed remotely, we dispatch someone onsite for a quick turnaround.